Friday, 12 January 2018

Review of Born Pretty Store 'No Wipe Top Coat'

Hi Guys!!
Today I am here with review of Born Pretty Store 'No Wipe Top Coat', item ID 39795

No wipe top coat of various brands have been there for a long time and are unlike normal LED/UV top coat they don't require to wipe off the sticky layer and that is why they are appropriate for applying chrome and mirror powders. 
I never got to try these before and I so desperately wanted to try it and when Allison from Born Pretty Store sent it to me for review, I was so elated and couldn't wait for the parcel to come. The day it arrived I just opened it and tried it. I also used chrome powder 'Blue Bullet' by Mitty Burns but all that later.
First off the BPS No Wipe Top Coat is amazing, the brush glides on smoothly and covers the nails in a very less amount. I cured it for 30 seconds in a LED lamp and the best thing- you don't require to wipe the sticky layer as there is none, yayyyyyy....!!!! Beacuse of this particular trait this top coat is suitable for chrome and mirror powders.
I used Mitty Burns "Blue Bullet' over this top coat and this is what was the outcome-
 So let me get to the steps-
1. Prep your nails and use a gel base coat. I have used Soak off gel by Madam Glam. Cure it under LED lamp for 30 Seconds or 2 mins in a UV lamp.

2. Apply a base gel polish, I have applied two coats of 'Perfect Black' by Madam Glam, curing each coat in in LED lamp for 30 seconds (you can cure it under UV lamp as well for 2 minutes)

3. Apply Born Pretty Store 'No Wipe Top Coat' and cure it under LED for 30 seconds/ UV lamp for 3 minutes.
4. Apply cuticle mask around the nails to save from the mess

5. Next apply Blue Bullet chrome powder by Mitty Burns with the help of eye shadow applicator. Just dip the eye shadow applicator in the pot of powder and start brushing it on the nails.
6. Brush of the excess powder from the nails and apply a LED top coat over the desired result and cure it under LED lamp for 30 seconds. I have used Cuccio Colour Veneer No.5
7. This top coat requires sticky layer to be wiped off, so use finishing wipe to wipe off the sticky layer.

This is the the desired result you will get-

Some more pics -

Under Sunlight

Here is the complete video-


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Gradient and filigree design

Hi Guys!!!
Today I am here with vertical gradient and filigree design over it. I created the gradient for a monthly challenge- Mani Swap Circle
In this challenge a list of all the participants is created and one needs to recreate a mani of the person below.I had to recreate a mani of Amanda aka @thenailpolishhound 
The polishes used for base is 'Pure' by @tuxpolish and polishes used for gradient are 'Mammy', '№IL-116 Зацепил' by @el_corazon_shop and 'Hot-hot-hot Pants' by @colorclubnaillacquer

1. Apply the base polish
2. Put a latex around the nails to save all the mess
3. On a makeup sponge put the other polishes
4. Dab on the nails, and keep repeating the steps till you get the desired look.
5. Apply a matte top coat

6. With black acrylic/poster colors draw some random filigree design over it
7. Seal with a top coat

For details check the video-

Hope you like the design, let me know in the comments below.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Smoosh and Nail art

Hi Guys!!
So here is the nail art I did for #smooshynailsunday which is hosted by Rong, Doris, Chablis and Renae on Instagram. It is a bi-weekly challenge and you have to create a smoosh nail using the colors of polishes chosen for that particular week. The colors details for a week are posted on Tuesday and you have to prepare the smoosh by the given deadline.
The color this time were- Beige, Melon red, Gold and Frosty Brown
The polishes which I used are-
The polishes used are - 
@cucciocolour 'Java Va Voom!
@maybelline Color Show 'Bold Gold'
@juicecosmetics No 16 and 06

1. Put some random blobs on a stamper

2. Lightly press the blobs on the stamper with another stamper

3. Apply the pressed polishes over the nail 

4. Apply a top coat and you are done. 

I have applied matte top coat as well

I did some simple nail art over the smoosh

Hope you all like it, do lemme know in the comments below.

Check the video of the design-

Back after a pretty loooong time!!!

Hi guys!!!
How have you all been??? It's been long since I posted anything on this blog (last post being 3 years back!!!). I totally ignored my blog and really felt bad, but what happened you ask?? LIFE HAPPENED!!! Home to office and office to home and all other obligations, I didn't get anytime to write anything, but yes I was active on Instagram!
I have got time now and I will try and post as much and as regular as possible so wish me luck.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Winner announcement of Collab Giveaway with Mesmerizing World Of Nail Art

Well, it is now time to announce the lucky winners.....


We checked a lot of entries and it feels so bad to see lot of  fake entries.

But Thanks to all of you who entered our giveaway, and congratulations to the giveaway winners who have already been contacted via email! 


So with the drums rolling, let’s see the giveaway here they are:





First prize winner:  Shreya Narula 




Second prize winner:  Ria Tandon


 Congratulations !!! <3

If you did not win, please don’t be sad.  We will  have more giveaways in future so make sure to check back.Thank you for being so awesome and loyal!

Special thanks to Anubhooti of Mesmerizing World of nail Art for collaborating with me and I  hope will have more giveaways like this in future :) <3



Monday, 20 January 2014

Collaboration Giveaway with Mesmerizing World of Nail Art

Hi Guys!!!

I am here with a collaboration giveaway with Anubhooti Khanna of Mesmerizing World of Nail Art. 
First of all let me show you the prizes for the giveaway.

There will be 2 winners.

Prize 1:

1*L'Oreal Paris Nail Art Stickers Pink Paradise 031
2*Colorbar Polishes
2* Maybelline color show

Prize 2:

5* Maybelline color show polishes
1* L'Oreal Paris Color Riche - Rebel Blue 610


This giveaway starts today and will end on the 20th of February. This giveaway is for Indian residents only. There are mandatory tasks needed to be done to access all entries. The more task you do, the higher chance of getting selected. There will be 2 winners to be randomly drawn using Rafflecopter and their names will be announced in both blogs after verification.Winners will be announced on 22 or 23 Feb.Be sure to follow the page so you won't miss the post.THE WINNER WILL HAVE 48 HOURS TO REPLY US BACK TO CLAIM THE PRIZE.

P.S.All fake entries will be banned.All entries will be cross-checked so be careful with your entries. The last thing we want to do is invalidate them and waste your efforts.

If anyone is having problem with GFC then this is what you need to do. Instead of clicking on 'Join this site' click on the rectangle button on right hand side.

Then a pop up window will open and on that click on 'follow' button on upper right corner

After you click on the 'follow' button, a new window will open same as opens normally when you follow through GFC. Sign in using the account that suits you.

After you click on the account, it will ask to enter your password (same as it happens when you follow the normal steps)

 Do the needful steps and you will be able to follow through GFC.

To enter please fill the rafflecopter widget below.All the best!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am having another Collab International Giveaway running in my blog. Click here to participate.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Aquarelle Floral Mani

Hello guys, 
I am very excited to show you the mani which I created few days back. For this particular mani I have used water colors!!! So, first of all lemme show the mani I created 
I dunno how so many ladies create wonders using acrylic colors but I personally find it little bit difficult to use them. I have worked with acrylic colors in the past and I have noticed that once they dry up on your nails and you don't find the design so appealing and want to remove it,  then its hard to remove them with water (though it can be easily removed with water when it is wet). The second thing I encountered was that they do not mix well, I mean if you want two colors to have a blended kinda look then I find it difficult to achieve it (I may be encountering all these problems coz I don't use them regularly and not well versed with their use but these are my personal opinions). I wanted the colors to have a blended look and easy to work with and I have used water colors during my school and college days for art so I find the water colors easy to use but when I used then over a nail polish they did not stick well so I thought that these might not work over polish but then I came across some tuts on you tube as to how to use them over polish. So the first method is to first apply an acrylic color over polish and then working with water colors over it. White acrylic color as it will bring out the colors of water colors used over it. But then I thought it will just limit my use of other nail polishes as it won't matter what color polish I wear as I will have to cover it with white acrylic paint and moreover what if I have to design some small patterns???? So searched more on you tube and there I found the answer. The first option is to cover the polish with matte polish and then you can work with water colors and the second option is to layer the polish with clear polish and let it dry and then buff it slightly. The reason for these being that the water colors work well on etched surface and thus when you buff your nails or apply a matte top coat, it creates a rough surface and water colors can stick well on that. The plus pint with water colors is that they can be easily removed with water even after they dry up on the nails.
So, for creating the design for today's mani I applied a matte top coat over the polish and worked with water colors and they did work nicely and I was happy with the outcome.
So, enough said, here is the mani once again. The base color used is China Glaze's 'All Wrapped Up' form CG Holiglaze collection.

I hope you all liked it and if you try this then do lemme know.